Head Cues for Dances Taught at Dance Arounds

Ballroom Dancers

The dances listed here are dances that have been taught at Dance Arounds. The cue sheets contain "head cues" only. The cues you will generally hear when the dance is cued. If you want the full cue sheet, use either the Index of Rounds on the Roundalab website or Cue Sheets From All Over and search for the dance name or choreographer.

Dances are listed below in the order in which they have been taught at Dance Arounds. The most recent dances taught are at the bottom of the list. Clinic workshop dances are not listed.


Blue Dance, Jive, Phase 5+1+1, Pelton

Roses for Elizabeth, Classic Two Step, Phase 3, Bliss

From Hello, Slow Two Step, Phase 4+2, Pelton

Angel Smile, Jive, Phase 3+1, Kurczewski

Magic Moments, Foxtrot, Phase 5, Pelton

A Guy is a Guy, Jive, Phase 5+0+1, Preskitt

Tears in Heaven, Rumba, Phase 4+2, Shibata

The Other Side, Slow Two Step, Phase 4+1+1, Gloodt


Solitude City, Foxtrot, Phase 4+2+1, Gibson

Kiss to Build a Dream On, Foxtrot, Phase 4+2, Pelton

Rumba Lenta, Rumba Phase 4+2, Pelton

Beat of Your Heart, Slow Two Step, Phase 5+2, Preskitt

Our Moon Waltz, Waltz, Phase 4+2+1, Harris

Mi Amante, Bolero, Phase 5+1, Nelson, K&B